Electronic Access to Securities Information

Help For Forgot Password

In case you have forgotten the password for your easi/easiest login, you can obtain a new password through 'Forgot Password' link. In the password reset option, you have to enter two set of data.

1. Login Name OR 16 digit demat account number(BOID). 2. Pan of the first/sole holder OR mobile number as registered in easi/easiest OR email ID as registered in easi/easiest.

In case you have forgotten login name,please enter 16 digit demat account number instead of login name in the respective field. You can also request your Dipository Participant(DP) to reset the password for your 'easi/easiest' login by submitting a written request for the same which has to be duly signed by all the account holders. You can also mention the new email ID along with the password reset request in case you wish to change/ modify the eamil ID registered for your 'easi/easiest' login. On resetting the password, the new password will be sent to your email ID registered for your 'easi/easiest' login.

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