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CDSL Online Application System provides a convenient, dependable and secure mode of admission of unlisted companies in CDSL depository system. Through this system, unlisted companies who wish to admit their equity shares for dematerialisation in CDSL can electronically provide all the required information to CDSL and also upload the other digitally signed necessary documents in the system. There is no need to submit physical documents to CDSL. Registrar & Transfer Agents (RTAs) can also log in and facilitate the admission process of their unlisted client companies in CDSL.

CDSL Online Application System thus provides a faster, economical and user-friendly mechanism to unlisted companies and RTAs for submitting applications to CDSL and tracking the same. Unlisted companies / RTAs can conveniently initiate the entire process electronically, receive feedback and take necessary actions thus resulting in faster turnaround time for admitting their equity shares in CDSL.